Virginia Intermont College interim president speaks out

BRISTOL, Va. - The interim president of Virginia Intermont College says he does not see V.I. as a future college in the way it was before because of accreditation and financial

In a wide-ranging press conference this afternoon, Interim President Art Rebrovick praised the staff and faculty for the job they've done during a very stressful time.

He also announced the school's power bill has been taken care of and that the school now has the money to pay faculty and staff later this week.

"We were able to free up some resources and get some local support so we could make payments this week," said Rebrovick. "We will catch up all the student refunds and payments thru April. We have some folks working now and we will work on that going forward."

Three colleges have shown interest in the following programs: Equine, Arts/Theatre and Photography.

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