Virginia Department of Transporation preps for winter storm

BRISTOL, Va. - We spoke with the Virginia Department of Transportation and they tell us they are in full gear and ready for the season's first snow storm.

According to V-DOT 144 trucks, loaders and motor graders will be on the roadways in Southwest Virginia when the snow arrives.

They have also budgeted 14.2 million dollars for snow removal in our region for the season.

V-DOT has stocked up on 360,000 tons of salt for ice removal across the state.

If you haven't seen any crews salting the road yet, V-DOT tells us there's a reason behind that.

"With the storm beginning with rain it is not conducive to putting the salt down. We just feel like it will all wash away or the majority of it will. So we will wait until it closer to the precipitation changing over, before we start applying any type of salt or chemicals," said Michelle Earl of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Earl tells News5 crews also will use calcium chloride the roads and bridges to make that more passable.

It is estimated this snow storm will cost the state $11 million per day statewide. 

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