Viewers say goodbye to Johnny Wood

Viewers say goodbye to Johnny Wood

BRISTOL, Tenn. - After the farewell show at the Paramount on Friday, Johnny Wood had a meet and greet with hundreds of his loyal fans.

For many viewers in the Tri-Cities, this was their chance to personally say goodbye tot he man they had in their home every morning for years.

Viewers young and old lined up for one last chance to get a picture with Johnny Wood and to get his autograph, and also to say to a tearful goodbye. "I'm at a loss for words," said one person.

Aja Millage was born in Bristol, but lived in Hawaii until 2010 when she moved back to the Tri-Cities. For her, Johnny Wood is a familiar face. "When he said he was retiring, I knew this was something I had to do to honor him for he's given great service back to Bristol," she said.

She, like so many others, welcomed Johnny into their homes to start their day, five days a week.  "I watch him every morning. He's part of my routine. So this was a blessing to meet him in person," Millage said.

"He's a mainstay. It just feels normal. I'm really going to miss him. Tears came to my eyes," added Teresa Smith, a long-time viewer. For her, this farewell was bittersweet.  "I am going to miss him very much. I'm feeling kind of melancholy, but I hope he enjoys retirement."

Retirement, of course, full of fishing. "He needs to go to Hawaii for a really nice deep sea fishing trip," suggested Millage.

One little viewer even gave him his first fish on the day of his retirement. "I brought him a picture of a fish because I know he likes to fish," said Jacy Smith. "Enjoy retirement Johnny!"

View clips from Johnny's last broadcast and leave him a goodbye message here.

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