Vehicle fuel-conversion project facing deadline

POSTED: 6:42 AM Jun 17 2013   UPDATED: 1:34 PM Jun 17 2013

A Virginia-based project is expecting to meet its goal of converting 1,200 vehicles in the southeast to propane.

News 5 has learned the Southeast Propane AutoGas Development Program has converted a thousand vehicles since it began in December of 2009, including 126 in Virginia.

An organization called Virginia Clean Cities is managing the program.

The goal is to encourage people to switch from gasoline to propane. The organization's executive director says propane emits less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide than gasoline and also costs about a $1.50 less per gallon than gasoline.

News 5 has learned 37 propane fueling stations have been installed across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The $20 million program will end in December.