Va. generated less trash last year

POSTED: 8:44 AM Jun 26 2013   UPDATED: 5:29 PM Jun 26 2013

The state Department of Environmental Quality says solid waste from outside Virginia decreased by approximately 190,000 tons, or about 3.4 percent. The state accepted 5.4 million tons of out-of-state waste in 2012.

The department also recorded a decline in the amount of solid waste from within Virginia. It was down 1.9 percent, to approximately 14.9 million tons.

Solid waste includes municipal solid waste, construction debris and yard waste, among others. Most solid waste ends up in landfills.

Virginia is among the top states in the nation in terms of accepting out-of-state waste. Most of it comes from Maryland, New York, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and North Carolina.