UPDATE: Suspicious packages were harmless gifts

BRISTOL, Tenn. - UPDATE 4:30 P.M.: The following press release was sent out by JCPD:

"The Johnson City Police Department has identified the individual responsible for delivering packages to numerous businesses throughout Johnson City as well as the Tri-Cities area. After speaking with this individual, it has been determined that there was neither criminal intent nor threat to harm by this person. The packages were meant as gifts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Area Explosive Ordnance Units also assisted."

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UPDATE: 10:48 AM..: According to authorities there are ten additional sites that have seen similar threats. View photos: Bristol, Johnson City bomb scare

Our crews in Johnson City tell us seven locations were threatened there. Police revealed Omnisource, the post office on State of Franklin, the bus station in downtown as well as the library in downtown were on that list. We've also learned the U.S. Forestry office and an outfitter business in Unicoi County were also threatened.

We learned an investigation into a location in Greene County turned out to be a legitimate package delivered over the weekend.

Officers in Bristol, Tennessee have deemed the package found there safe. They say the FBI is now on the scene.


UPDATE 9:22 A.M.: The Bristol, Tennessee Post Office was the only location affected by the possible threat. The suspicious package has been cleared and is not dangerous.

Investigators are not revealing what's inside the package at this time.

They found out about the package after a report was made in a phone call.

The package has been taken into evidence.

The FBI has investigators on the scene at the Post Office; this will likely be a federal case.


UPDATE 8:50 A.M.:  Investigators on the scene at the Bristol Post Office say the suspiciuos package is about six inches in diameter.

We've learned the bomb squad robot and technician have both been inside the building where the package was found at 6:48 a.m.

Police dogs are also searching around vehicles that were parked in the parking lot at the time.

We are still working to gather more facts about the similar investigations underway in Johnson City, Unicoi County, and Greene County.


UPDATE 8:35 A.M.:  Investigations now under way in Bristol, Johnson City, Greeneville, and Unicoi County.


Bomb squads across the region are being called in to action after a series of suspicious packages have been found in several locations across the Tri-Cities.

We know investigations are currently underway in Bristol, Tennessee, Johnson City, and Unicoi County.

Officials say the suspicious package was found just before 6:30.

The Bristol post office and adjoining area have been evacuated as a precaution.

Emergency crews in Johnson City say they are also investigating a similar situation at the post office on State of Franklin Road.

Crews were called out to the U.S. Forestry Service office in Unicoi County this morning.

We have also confirmed a suspicious package was found at the U. S. Forestry work center in Greeneville on the Asheville Highway.

News 5 WCYB has a crew working following the investigations and will have more throughout the morning.

View photos: Bristol, Johnson City bomb scare

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