Update on road conditions from TDOT

District  11 


JOHNSON –No precipitation  – Bridges and overpasses are freezing over. Black ice is forming


UNICOI  - No Precipitation ; All Roads are clearing .Bridges and overpasses are freezing . Black ice is forming


CARTER- No precipitation- Roads clearing. Black ice forming on Bridges and overpasses.


WASHINGTON- No precipitation  – All Roads open.I-81 and I-26  Ice forming on Bridges and overpasses.


 SULLIVAN- No snow I-81 and I-26  Ice on Bridges and Overpasses. Crews treating






District 12             




GRAINGER- No precipitation  . All Roads have been treated . Some slick spots. Treating bridges and overpasses.


HAMBLEM –No precipitation –All Roads have been treated .    Treating Bridges and overpasses


HANCOCK  No precipitation . ALL Roads have been treated  . some slick spots.


HAWKINS   No snow  . ALL Routes have been treated . Mountain roads still have snow. 




District 13                        


COCKE--   No Snow . All roads treated .


SR 107 log mile 6-11.62 lane open trees down.


Fugate Road the Detour to  SR9 where Bridge is being replaced closed due to Flooding .


JEFFERSON –No Snow .I-40 USE CAUTION . Ice on Bridges and Over passes .


GREENE – SR 348 log mile 4.9-5.1 .Road closed   .No snow .Ice forming on bridges and overpasses


                    SR 340 log mile 10.5-10.7. Road closed  .

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