Unsolved Cases Generating News Leads

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - They're three unsolved murders, but police aren't throwing in the towel. Kingsport police said they continue to work three high-profile cases, hoping to find information that will break them.

It's been nine months of mourning for Charlotte Erwin. Her 24-year-old son Jarrett Hughes was shot and killed in her home on Dale Street.

"It's been hard. It's very hard," said Erwin. "He was the type of son to me that would always kiss me on the head, [and say,] 'Good morning, Mom. How are you doing, Mom? What [are] we gonna eat, Mom?' That was Jay."

Those memories still hurt, and Erwin told us they're magnified because justice has not yet been served, but Kingsport Det. Cpl. Frank Light told News 5, they're making progress.

"Everyday there's something that at least comes across my desk. I'm trying to run down leads from people we've interviewed, which leads to another person we need to interview. So, we are constantly running those down," said Light.

That's the same story for another murder that happened about two months later. 65-year-old Betty Sue Short was killed in her apartment on Barnett Drive.

"We miss her. She was a good woman to talk to. I talked to her every time I [saw] her out," said Junior Weaver, the victim?s neighbor.

Detectives said they've had some breaks in this case, and they're waiting on test results to help in the investigation.

Kingsport's most recent case is also unsolved, but it's getting some answers.

Antonio Wyatt's remains were found behind the Greenbelt in March, but police said they now know the last places he was seen.

"He went to Hog Wild. He went to the IHOP, and that's the last we know anyone's seen him alive," said detective David Cole.

Some of these cases are even leading police out-of-town and into other jurisdictions to gather new information.

"What we're sort of looking at is the two that went in and are responsible may not necessarily be from this area," Light said of Hughes's homicide case.

Knowing this kind of information could eventually lead to arrests and convictions.

In the meantime, families still wait for answers.

"I know somebody out there knows something or saw something. You know, would they please just step forward?" asked Erwin.

There is a $1,000 reward out for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the Jarrett Hughes case.

If you know anything about any of these cases, you are asked to call the Kingsport Police Department at (423) 246-9111.

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