Universal Fibers gearing up to host Paul Ryan in Bristol, Va.

Universal Fibers gearing up

BRISTOL, Va. -  The Romney/Ryan campaign makes it second stop in our region Thursday. That means today has been a busy one for one local company.

It wasn't not quite business as usual for Universal Fibers as they had hours left to prepare their lawn Wednesday into a political platform for Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan.

CEO Marc Ammen got the call on Monday, but he told us they've been hoping for a visit for quite some time. "We actually invited Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan a couple months ago. We sent a big banner, hand delivered it signed by many of our associates," said Ammen.

But to get around 3,000 people there, it's taken a whirlwind of preparations. 1,600 chairs and three sets of bleachers are being set out and about 1,000 feet of cable is being run for electricity, lights, and sound.

The event will look at little bit different than Governor Romney's stop in the region a couple of weeks ago. People will be encouraged to sit down, and we're told Ryan's speech will actually be utilizing some technology. "The congressman's preference for this particular event, as I understand it, is he did want a Jumbotron so that he can do a bit of a power point presentation to show content to those in the audience," Ammen added.

We caught up with Bill Hubbard as he was picking up tickets to the rally Wednesday afternoon. He told us he's excited to see the man who could be our next Vice President in person, but he is looking for some facts, too. "I'd like to hear him say how they will be able to get employment started again in this country and not the jobs being shipped overseas," Hubbard said.

Jobs and business are also what's keeping Universal Fibers moving full speed ahead as they hope for their chance to make a statement of their own. "We're a business, and we have to deal with the landscape that some out of Washington D.C. and often times they'll roll downhill, and we never have a voice into what's wrong about it or what's right about it," said Ammen.

Here are some facts to know if you want to come out to the campaign stop Thursday:

It will be at Universal Fibers in Bristol, Virginia at 14401 Industrial Park Road.

The rally is set to start at noon, but doors open at 10:00 a.m.

You can pick-up tickets at Abingdon Victory Office at 1060 West Main Street from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

You can also get them online at

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