Two people face charges in Unicoi County, Tennessee in connection with the theft and arson of a vehicle.

The Unicoi County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Josh Garland and a juvenile stole a vehicle when theirs got stuck in the mud in the Bailey Hollow area of the county on Sunday, February 9. Deputies say the pair took a four-wheel drive vehicle using keys left in the igition from Harris Street.

After the sheriff's office says the two freed their car with the stolen vehicle, deputies say they did donuts in the mud using the stolen vehicle until the tires burst. They're then accused of setting the vehicle on fire. 

The sheriff's office tells us the two are also accused of stealing several items from the vehicle and leaving the scene.

Deputies say they found the burned vehicle and developed Garland and the juvenile as suspects after finding items that were in the vehicle near the juvenile's home. When the sheriff went to question the suspects, he noticed two pairs of muddy boots, which matched the tracks found at the scene. Further investigation yielded other items also stolen from the burned vehicle.

Garland is now charged with auto theft, arson, vandalism in excess of $1,000 and theft over $500. His arraignment is set for Tuesday.

We're told the other suspect will be charged in juvenile court.