Two teachers indicted in Virginia

Two teachers indicted

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - Two area school faculty members will go from the classroom to the courtroom in separate cases we learned about Tuesday.

They have both been indicted by the Scott County, Va. grand jury and both involve very serious allegations. "It is unusual that two school teachers would be indicted by the same grand jury, in fact I think it is very unusual," said Commonwealth's Attorney Marcus McClung.

Former Scott County teacher Heather Lambert resigned after being accused of assaulting a special education student.

She was indicted Monday for an alleged incident at Scott County Vocational School on January 10. "Assault can be unwanted touching. It doesn't have to be a punch or a kick; it doesn't have to have injuries occur," said McClung.

The other case involves Ryan Turner, a guidance counselor at St. Charles Elementary and a former Lee High School assistant soccer coach. Turner, who has been suspended from his job, faces three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge, all stemming from him allegedly taking indecent liberties with a female student. "In this case because he was a coach of this young lady. That's why we brought felony charges," McClung said.

Scott County authorities are involved because that's where the alleged crimes reportedly took place.

McClung tells says he can't release many details on these cases because the investigations are still underway and because they involve minors.

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