Two people hit crossing Abingdon street

Two people hit crossing Abingdon street

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Two people are expected to be okay after being hit by a car Saturday evening while crossing a very busy intersection in Abingdon, Virginia.

According to the police report both people are from the Richmond, Virginia area.

The driver of the car was cited for reckless driving, but the incident has some people wondering if more should be done to improve crosswalks in town. "It's honestly a little nerve-wracking. You have to pay attention to what the cars are doing and a lot of times they won't stop," says Mylinda Eastridge.

We're told nearly 30,000 cars pass through the intersection of Main and Cummings Street every day -- that's the same spot two people were hit Saturday. There are crosswalks and signals, but some people feel that's not enough. "I would like big 'stop' signs right there just to alert people," adds Eastridge.

We talked to Mayor Ed Morgann, who says the town is in the process of making some new sidewalks to increase accessibility. "We are very aware of the need for pedestrian safety. We try every way we can to encourage it and again building the new sidewalks will have a safe way to walk around through town," he said.

Morgan also adds the town is always looking for crosswalk improvements and notes changes that have already been made. "We have certainly tried over the years to improve the quality of the crosswalks that we have available," he said. "Certainly what we have right here at the Barter is an example of how it should be done."

We're told the sidewalk in front of the Barter Theatre was put in place about ten years ago. It includes flashing lights to help drivers see it at nighttime. "We have had no problems since this sidewalk has been put in," says Richard Rose, Barter's artistc director.

"There are lots of locations here in town where pedestrian safety could really be improved by these types of crosswalks," adds Rose.

However, getting new crosswalks can come down to money and whether or not there's enough to fund another crosswalk project like the one in front of the Barter Theatre.

Virginia state law requires drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

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