Two people arrested after armed robbery and high speed chase

Bristol, VA - Two people are in custody after an armed robbery in Russell County, Virginia leads to a high speed pursuit and car crash in Bristol, Virginia.
37-year-old Timothy Dwayne Johnson and 26-year-old Tiffany Lynn Hale were arrested after stealing money and a pickup truck from an elderly couple during a home invasion in the Drill community of Russell County.
The suspects apparently told the victims that their car was disabled and asked to use the victims phone. After entering the house the suspects pulled a knife on the elderly couple and tied them up with bed sheets.
The suspects then took off in the stolen truck where they were chased by authorities into Bristol, Virginia. they lost control of the truck and crashed it at the corner of Corporation and Mary streets just a few feet from the Tennessee state line.

"The suspects bailed out of the passenger side and ran up the street," Major Sean Carrigan of the Bristol Police Department told us. "Both of them were brought into custody the male subject was running with a knife in one hand and a hand full of cash in the other hand and would not stop he turned to face the officer the officer tased him with a taser."

Johnson and Hale were booked into the Bristol, Virginia jail where they now face numerous charges.

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