Two Men Charged With Johnson County Double Murder

Charges Come In Relation To Double Murder In Front Of 6-Month-Old Boy

JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. - For one week a quiet little community in northeast Tennessee has been on high alert as law officers searched for those responsible for a shocking crime.

A mother and father were shot and killed in front of their 6-month-old baby boy.

According to District Attorney Tony Clark, that part of this nightmare is over. "We do have two people presently charged with first degree murder in the deaths we had in Mountain City last week." he explained.

60-year-old Marvin Potter, Jr. and 38-year-old Jamie Lynn Curd are each charged with two counts of first degree murder. We checked out previous criminal history for both men and did not find anything in the Johnson County records.

According to Sheriff Mike Reece, Curd has only had one run-in with police. "He said, 'you know, I've never been in trouble.' He said the only trouble [he's] ever been in is a ticket one time. He said that's the only thing [he's] ever done."

Now Curd faces charges much bigger than a ticket.

As for Potter, police say he and victim Billy Payne, Jr. were cousins and had recent conflicts. Sheriff Reece told us that in the weeks leading up to the murder Potter and Payne had two separate verbal confrontations.

It did not end there. According to a press release from the TBI, Payne and Hayworth made complaints about Potter's daughter. Curd went to court last year to defend Potter's daughter regarding the matter.

Police say there were also several harassing comments made on social networks just before the couple was found dead.

Like many Johnson County residents, Bruce Bedding was concerned for his family before the arrests were made. He said the news of the arrests puts him at ease but isn't much comfort to the grieving families. "It won't bring comfort to the families. Nothing will bring them back," he said. "But maybe this will at least allow us to sleep a little easier at night."

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