Two injured in Elizabethton apartment fire

POSTED: 6:03 PM Sep 13 2013   UPDATED: 12:00 AM Sep 13 2013

An apartment fire in Elizabethton Thursday night left several people homeless and two in the hospital. 

One woman was burned so badly she had to be flown to Vanderbilt Medical Center. We're told that woman, 58-year-old Jonie Garrick, is in critical condition. Her body is covered with burns.  

About 10 p.m. Thursday, firefighters rushed to West H Street to a home that had been converted into four4 apartments. Everyone was outside when they got there. 

Firefighters say one woman suffered broken bones from jumping out of her second-story window. 

They say 58-year-old Garrick was pulled away from the front porch by another resident. Her mother says she has burns all over her body.

"I'm just praying to The Lord that everything isn't as serious as they're telling me. We're praying that she's going to be ok," says Carlene Silliman, who is Garrick's mother.

Firefighters tell us the fire was caused by Garrick falling asleep while smoking a cigarette.