Two in court over synthetic drug charges

BRISTOL, VA. - A Bristol businessman was indicted for for distributing synthetic drugs and money laundering.

55-year-old Daniel Guy Bickley is the owner of Exotic Illusions. The indictment alleges Bickley began selling synthetic drugs in 2010 from his business.

The indictment also claims that after new laws went into effect prohibiting certain synthetic drugs in March of 2011, Bickley opened a business in Bristol, Tennessee called Cloud 9 Emporium that sold synthetic drugs.

The indictment alleges that he opened stores in Johnson City, Mountain City and Kingsport.

Bickley pleaded not guilty and was released pending trial.

That trial is set for April 15.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Jason Glenn Catoe was sentenced in federal court.

Catoe pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute synthetic cannabinoids and structuring currency transactions to evade reporting requirements.

Catoe admitted to opening a head shop in March of 2011 called Ultimate Smoke in Kingsport where synthetic drugs were sold.

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