BRISTOL, Tenn. -

Many in the Tri-Cities spent Sunday gearing up for the Super Bowl. They were getting ready to cheer on their favorite team but we're not talking about the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks, we're talking about"Team Peyton," as in Peyton Manning. Manning is the Broncos quarterback.

"He's awesome," said Peyton Doane, a 10-year-old fan. "He can play good. I like how he broke all of those records this year."

Peyton Doane was named after the former University of Tennessee  star turned Denver Broncos quarterback.

"You can see in pictures as soon as he was born, he came out with a Tennessee cap on his head," said Sam Doane, Peyton's father.

This Peyton is now ten and his dad told me he's spent his entire life wearing orange to pay homage to Manning's Alma Mater.

"My favorite color is orange," said Peyton.

Some fans tell us the reason they've stuck with Manning all of these years, is because he stayed at Tennessee for four years, instead of leaving after three.

"A lot of players would've just gone for the money," said Sam Doane.

Eventually Manning did go, spending most of his career with the Colts, then going to the Broncos two years ago.

No matter what team he's with, the Doane's are right there with him, along with so many other East Tennessee residents.