Tri-Cities Airport to make safety and design improvements

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - If you fly in and out of the Tri-Cities Airport, there are some changes in the works that could affect you.

The airport authority met today to discuss its terminal improvement project that could get underway as early as this fall.
The goal is to make design changes to increase safety and make what airport leaders call "a better front door impression."
The biggest change will affect the short-term parking area.

"We designed a way to bring the level of the short-term parking lot down to the roadway level and improve the convenience of those parking places for many passengers, improve the safety of some of the circulation of crosswalks in front of the terminal building, and finally in doing that we'll be improving the landscaping and hardscapes," said Tri-Cities Airport Executive Director Patrick Wilson.

Wilson said there will also be a parking lot for people to wait for a call from the passenger they're picking up so they can simply pull around, make the pickup and keep moving -- rather than holding up traffic by waiting out front.

The $3.6 million project is being paid for with airport funding and grant money.

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