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McCarran Airport Las Vegas

Report: Ebola scare at Las Vegas airport

Six ambulances surrounded a plane at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas Friday after there were reports of at least one passenger showing symptoms similar to Ebola, KSNV-TV reported.

United Airlines

United to customer: 'Dear Mr. Human'

United Airlines' customer service fails again, this time sending an apology letter addressed "Dear Mr. Human."

In-flight movie, airplane

Flight diverted over man's 'Knee Defender'

A United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver is diverted after a fight over a device called a "Knee Defender."

Crowded flight, airline, airplane passengers

Flight attendant to travelers: Flush your drugs now

An Australian airline is apologizing after a flight attendant told passengers to flush their drugs before landing.

Airplane seats, airline, flight

Drunk passenger mistakes plane door for bathroom door

A man who had been drinking vodka and beer to steady his nerves while on his first flight ever attempted to open the plane's main door, thinking it was the bathroom.

Southwest Airlines jet

Minn. man kicked off flight over tweet

A Minnesota man claims he and his two sons were asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight over a tweet he posted.

Goliath roller coaster

Record-breaking Goliath coaster opens at Six Flags

The world's fastest, tallest and steepest wooden roller coaster is now open at Six Flags Great America.

Delta Airlines

Reports: 'Security threat' forces plane to remote airfield

A potential security threat forced a Delta flight to land at a remote airfield in Denver on Friday, Reuters and Fox News reported.

Southwest flight attendant instructions

Flight attendant brings comedy to safety talk

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant turns a routine safety announcement into an all-out comedy skit.

Drunk passengers punches flight attendant

Passenger accused of punching flight attendant ... twice

It took five men to subdue a passenger who punched a flight attendant in a drunken rage over not being served more booze.

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