Track cleanup underway at BMS

BMS cleans up

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Race week has come to an end. Campers are headed home, vendors are packing up and the NASCAR drivers are heading to the next race. Now the staff at BMS is in cleanup mode inside and outside of the track.

The campgrounds are bare as campers pull out and head home, or onto the next race for some. "It's kind of sad to see the week come to an end," says race fan Eddie Mercer.

For campers the day was spent packing everything up. "Packing everything takes about two to three hours, [maybe as much as] six to seven hours. It's a lot of work," says race fan Robert Sherman.

Sherman tells us even though it's a lot of work, it was worth it. He says bringing all of the essentials meant having to put them up. "We have mats to pack up, tents to take down, stoves to take down, generators to put away and everything in between," adds Sherman.

The most visual cleanup will be outside at the campgrounds, but inside at Bristol Motor Speedway it takes a lot of manpower and time to get it back to the way it was before the race. "We do a lot of the things people take for granted, like ensuring toilet paper is in the dispensers, sweeping up debris on the concourses, and of course emptying all the trash cans," says Can Do Enterprises' William Barrett.

Can Do Enterprises is the company that cleans up every year. Barrett tells us the August race is more difficult to clean up after. "Typically there's probably upwards of 300 tons of trash for an August race, a little bit less for a March race," he said.

Meanwhile, fans tell us they are already looking forward to next year. "Next year will be our 27th consecutive race. A lot of people call it the Bristol race and we do call it that, but it's also our family reunion," says Mercer.

We learned cleanup inside the Bristol Motor Speedway will take two to three days to get everything finished.

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