The town of Jonesborough wrapped up its 44th annual Jonesborough Days festival Saturday but one particular group doesn't have plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Among the many people walking down Main Street in downtown Jonesborough, you'll see American flags blowing swiftly in the wind.

Each flag has been adopted by someone in town but as Ruth Verhegge tells News 5, downtown didn't always look like this.

"After 9/11, the flags flew in Jonesborough from September through the following spring and then they came down," says Verhegge.

The flags came down because it cost the town too much money.

Verhegge says she wanted to do something to change that. That's why she started the flag adoption program.

"People can adopt a flag in memory or in honor of someone or group of someones or whomever," says Verhegge.

Local Jonesborough store owner Joel Conger has adopted flags since 2003.

"One in honor of my father-in-law, Harry Montgomery and then my mother, Helen Conger," says Conger.

But he says not everyone in town likes the idea.

"Some do, some don't. You know, you have that everywhere," adds Conger.

As for Verhegge, she's just thankful for the people who are so devoted to the program and says it's a great way for the town to show support towards our troops.

"It's a wonderful feeling to see it," says Verhegge.

For first time flag adopters, it costs $50 per flag which also comes with an official adoption plaque.

For every year after that, it's a renewal fee of $35 per flag. The cost helps cover flags when they need to be replaced.

You can visit for more information on flag adoptions.