Tips for proper car seat installation

Restraining your child in a car seat sounds simple, but a lot of people make mistakes that could put your child in danger.

For David Hall the safety of his granddaughter is his number one concern, so when he heard roughly 9 out of ten children are not properly restrained in their car seats, he was in shock.

Hall says he always makes sure the seat is secure, "Here's to tighten it all, the make sure they're restrained properly."

We talked to Lieutenant Jason Powell with the Johnson City Fire Department who is a certified child safety seat technician. He says the majority of child seats he inspects are not properly installed.

"Ten out of ten could use improvements. Either how the seat is fastened into the vehicle or how the child is fastened into the seat," says Powell.

The number one way you can make sure you are installing your child's seat correctly is to simply follow instructions.

"Make sure you read the directions that come both with the vehicle and the child safety seat," adds Powell.

If you are thinking about reusing your car seat for another child, be aware of the expiration date.

"After six years the seat needs to be replaced, reguardless of whether its been involved in an accident or if its ever been damaged," says Powell.

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