Time is running out if you plan on absentee voting in Virginia.

Voters have until 5 p.m. tomorrow to get their application in the mail to vote absentee. 

That allows voting officials time to return the ballot back to you so you can fill it out and get it back in by November 5th.  
Voters have until Saturday in Bristol, Virginia if you plan on voting absentee in person. 

But only certain individuals are eligible to vote absentee. 

"A disability that makes it difficult for you to get to the poles," said registrar Penny Limburg. "Of course our military, our students away at schools.  Our first responder people.  There is a reason code for them."

Absentee voters can go to the election office located in Bristol, Virginia City Hall between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday to cast their ballots.