THP: Heavy rain likely caused I-81 accident

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Police say the weather may be to blame for a crash this morning in Bristol, Tennessee.

It happened around 8 a.m. in the northbound lane on Interstate 81 near the Virginia state line. State trooper Tim Wolfenbarger tells News 5 the woman driving a Mercedes hydroplaned on the bridge and then drove under a tractor-trailer.

She then ran off the road about 40 feet into a field. The woman was trapped and emergency workers had to cut the top off of her car to get her out.

"The rain had some what to do with it," Wolfenbarger said. "It was heavy rain causing the vehicle possibly to lose control."

Another car hit a piece of luggage that had fallen out of the Mercedes, dragging it for about a mile. Bristol, Tennessee police worked that part of the wreck.

The woman in the Mercedes was taken to the hospital.

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