Thousands still without power going into a cold night

ABINGDON, Va. - Snow and ice still cover the ground all over the region and thousands have been without power for over 24-hours.
     Abingdon resident Kyle Skeen headed to an area restaurant to keep warm.
"The power went out initially about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and it came back on about nine for a couple of hours, and I woke up about two this morning and it was out and it's still out," says Skeen.

These freezing temperatures make for some dangerous situations and it has Don Hinchey concerned. He lives neart exit 19 in Abingdon.
"My neighbor couple houses down is in very bad health and he's on oxygen. The lady next door here has a baby 4 months old, so she has to warm milk and food of course for the baby."

Hinchey tells News 5 he's made several calls to the power company and they were making their rounds Friday night.
"I appreciate the power crews being here, I'm glad they finally got around to this spot," says Hinchey.

But even with crews being there, it doesn't guarantee the power will be back on immediately. It all depends on what kind of problems they're facing.
So, for residents like Kyle Skeen who aren't staying elsewhere, they're trying to keep as warm as possible.
"I'm going to stay home, I have a little propane heater, and three kitty cats."

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