The Falls Bill passes in the Senate

BRISTOL, Va. - The tax bill focusing on The Falls Development in Bristol, Virginia has passed the Senate on Tuesday and is on it's way to the House.

If passed in the House, the city of Bristol, Virginia would be able to collect sales tax revenue directly when the first store opens. Instead of the money going to Richmond then back to Bristol.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe tells News 5 after the first legislation did not pass he wrote this bill himself.

He tells us he is pushing to help the city of Bristol,"I picked up the phone and called the chairmen of Cabela's who will be the anchor tenant and said listen it didn't get done in the general assembly I'm going to do it as governor we'll get this done in a bi-partisan way please please please come to Bristol and he said if you get it done I'll be there."

McAuliffe tells us he is hopeful the bill will pass. Washington County, Virginia is not mentioned in the bill.

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