The doggie paddle is the only way to swim

BRISTOL, TENN. - The summer swimming season is over, but the Haynesfield pool will stay open a while longer for some four legged guests.

For the fifth straight year,  the dogs will have their day in the pool.

The annual doggie swim started Tuesday. The staff at Bristol Parks and Rec put ramps in the pool so the dogs can get in and out of the water. The drains will also have filters to catch all the dog hair.

"We've been bringing them since they were 8 weeks old, the first year they had it.  They love it. The ramps are nice. They do a great job," said Ken who brought both his Golden Retrievers, Ginger and Carly, to swim twice this week.

This years event begins Tuesday and runs until Friday.

There is a small fee to swim and the gates begin at 5:00 and run until 7:00.

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