Texas gov. Rick Perry visits Bristol

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Texas governor Rick Perry remains a very popular personality in the Republican party. Thursday night he was the keynote speaker at the Sullivan County Republican
Party's Reagan Day dinner held at Bristol Dragway.

Perry's speech focused on competition and how it makes American better.

He offered his perspective about what's going on in Washington. "The president talks about hope and change and five years later we are still in the ditch, plus they are listening to our phone calls and looking at our IRS records," said Perry. "Whats going on in Washington?"

Perry was very popular under the big tent at Bristol Dragway. Asked if he would run for president again, Perry said, "It was a great experience and I learned a lot, but that is a decision for sometime in the future."

Perry also said Tennessee is a very competitive state when it comes to recruiting new business.

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