Young broadcaster moving on

'WKID' broadcaster moving on

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Here's a question we get from a lot from people: "When did you decide that broadcasting was going to be your career?"

It certainly wasn't in third grade, but that's about the time a young man from Carter County decided that's what he wanted to do.

He's been producing his own weekly news and weather show for the past six years. We first met him four years ago and wanted to know why he's no longer doing his broadcast.

Caleb Perhne's bedroom has doubled as both his bedroom and studio for the past six years. We met him when he was just 14 and learning all of the ropes of producing his own weather and news show for the internet. 

His show, WKID, had its last broadcast recently. So why did he stop? "It's time to put away WKID and move on, still with broadcasting.  Since I'm starting college in another week I thought it would be better to focus on college and what they're going to teach me with broadcasting and whatever future career I might have," the young producer said.

He may be able to teach his college class a thing or two, since everything he's learned he learned on his own, both with his own show and a weekly show for his high school. "I've learned stuff just experimenting that I would have never known otherwise," he says.

He will be attending Milligan College, not far from home. In fact, they knew about him before he ever attended a single class. "Before I even went to orientation the professor in charge of the communications department had found out about me because the local newspaper did a story where I've been on the radio a few years," Caleb said.

He was set to go into weather forecasting, but he did a little research. "Well, I think its going to be news. I thought it was going to be weather and I did some job shadowing with both weather and news. I ended up liking news better," he says.

Something tells us we will be seeing a lot more of Caleb for years to come. "I don't feel like this is the conclusion. I feel like it's the jump start to the next thing," ge said.

And we all know what that's going to be.

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