'Yellow Dot' medical emergency kit

Yellow dot program

ERWIN, Tenn. - If an older driver gets involved in an accident, there was no way for an emergency responder to know their medical history or which medications the victim might be taking until now.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has launched a new way to help.

A simple yellow dot decal on the back of your car's window could be a game changer in times of emergency. "We arrive on an accident, somebody is unresponsive, no one is with them. The EMS responders, they have no idea what their medical conditions are. This packet, all the information will be in this packet," Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley says.

The sheriff took his story of how vital this information can be in an emergency to the Clinchfiled Adult-Senior center. He spoke about how as we age and our health begins to change, a medical emergency behind the wheel can happen and his department has no idea how to help. "This day and time, we have a lot of folks that are diabetic. Any time that you have symptoms of diabetes it can be confused with somebody that's under the influence of something," the sheriff said.

A group at the senior center was there to learn about the important issue Tuesday. "When that decal shows up on the car, the first responders know to look in the glove compartment in a special little plastic folder. In that folder is information written out on a form about the driver, or perhaps the passengers," center member Fred Warner says.

The seniors know that medical information in an emergency situation is easily accessible and could possibly save a life. "I've had heart attacks, bypasses and bladder cancer, and all that stuff. I would like the first responders to know what hospital, what doctor, what medicines I'm on. That kind of stuff is perfect," Warner said.

The packets should be available statewide. All you need is to fill them out and put that decal in your window.

For more information about the Tennessee Department of Transportation Yellow Dot program click here.

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