West Towne Pharmacy heightens security after robbery

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - This week Johnson City Police arrested two men accused of robbing two area pharmacies last fall.

News 5 returned to the pharmacy to see what measures they have taken to ensure they don't get hit by thieves again.

"They rushed through the door with masks on and they had jackets and gloves on where you couldn't see any exposed skin," said Scott Renfro, pharmacist and co-owner of West Towne Pharmacy.

Scott Renfro is describing the October day when Johnson City Police say Chad Miller and Jonathan Pennington robbed the West Towne Pharmacy on Market Street.

"They rushed to the back and they sent the girls in the front to the back, and had them all lie down on the ground," said Renfro.

Megan Hale was one of the pharmacy technicians forced to go the back of the store.

"I was just scared for my life. I didn't know if they were going to start shooting. And I just wanted everyone to leave. All I could think of was please just leave," said Megan Hale.

Renfro tells News 5 he gave the robbers the drugs they asked for in less than a minute.

He tells us the men took off, but not before they left a surveillance camera caught a glimpse of the suspected robbers.

"One of them had a tattoo that got on camera, but you couldn't see their faces," said Renfro.

And less than 4 months later those images helped lead to the arrest of the accused thieves.

But Renfro tells us he and his staff didn't spend that time living in fear; they began to take precautions to prevent another robbery from happening again.

"We put in more surveillance cameras and went over scenarios about what we should do and what we should not do when it occurs," said Renfro.

Renfro tells us they haven't brought in any weapons, but they have added more security measures that he doesn't want everyone to know about.

"I think it does make me feel a little more comfortable knowing that there are security measures in place that will keep us safe as possible, that we'll know what do in a situation and not be so caught off guard," said Hale.

Pennington and Miller are both charged with robbery in another incident that happened at the Boones Creek Pharmacy in August.

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