Valentine's Day extended due to bad weather

Valentine's Day extended due to bad weather

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Valentine's Day will be extended through Sunday, that's the unusual proclamation from all the mayors of the Metro Tri-Cities area.

It's not from love in the air, but because bad weather that's hurt business.

Finding all of the leaders from the Tri-Cities all gathered in the Valentine's Day section of the Eastman Road Food City isn't because they are late shoppers, but to proclaim that the holiday has been extended until Sunday.

"It's a unique way to bring the cities and counties together, and recognize we've had rough weather and an opportunity to do business, to go to our restaurants and celebrate with the people we love," says Kingsport Alderman Tom Parham.

The Valentines Day rush is on at Food City as most folks have been snowed in for the last couple of days. "For the mayors to come together, I think that probably is the significant thing here from all the Tri-Cities region to come and have this proclamation," Food City CEO Steve Smith said.

"We asked for a white Christmas and we didn't get it, but we got a white Valentine's Day. So I think it's because of that and people couldn't get out," added Johnson City Commissioner Jenny Brock.

For employees at A Party Place, who've been extremely busy getting ready for this day, breaking a tradition isn't exactly right. "Breaking a tradition, I don't like that. I don't like to break tradition. Every holiday is one day," say Heather Christian and Israelle Reese.

At Mama's House restaurant, they see it as a serving love for customers who haven't been able to get out. "We've had such bad weather that the retail stores need the business. I'm sure they're doing it to help them, which is not a bad idea," co-owner Ron Newland said.

But for the procrastinator in us all, there's maybe another good reason for extending the holiday. "I guess most of all it makes us husbands more safe with our wives, because we can now have two extra days to go buy the valentines and the flowers," Kingsport mayor Dennis Phillips laughed.

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