Update: Roads closing as black ice creates dangerous driving conditions

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Local law enforcement urge caution Thursday morning, as black ice is causing havoc on area roads.  Several areas in our region report multiple crashes and slick streets.
The Sullivan County, TN Sheriff's Office says the section of Highway 394 between Interstate 81 and Highway 11-W was shut down due to crashes. Highway 11-W is also icy in the upper end.

In Scott County, Virginia, emergency crews reported the worst problems on Highway 23.

The Washington County, Tennessee Emergency Communication District has issued this alert:  "The road conditions are deteriorating in the county.  Many roads are covered in ice.  The Sheriff's Office is advising to stay off the roads if at all possible.  We are currently working many wrecks all over the county.  TDOT and the County Highway Department are working as hard as they can to remedy the situation."

Court systems in Scott County, Virginia are closed on Thursday.  All cases scheduled in General District Court for today have been rescheduled for February 6th.

The Lee County VA Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court has been cancelled Thursday due to weather conditions.

Authorities say to stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you do have to get out and about, please keep these safety tips in mind.

-Leave early and allow yourself extra time to get to your destination. 
-Slow down.  The posted speed limit is for driving during prime road conditions.
-Increase your following distance and brake earlier.  A wet surface means you need a longer stopping distance.
-If you feel your vehicle hydroplane, let your foot off the gas and steer straight until you regain control.  Do not slam on brakes.
If you are driving in snow or bad weather, accelerate and decelerate slowly.  Do not "power up" hills.

For the latest on the forecast and driving conditions, stay tuned to News 5.

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