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Video of fight lands two in jail

Video of fight lands two in jail

UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. - Two people connected to a fight between a pair of teenage girls now face charges after video of the fight shows up on the internet.

The Unicoi County Sheriff's Department told News 5 both Amanda Rana Shelton and David Grand Shelton have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Additionally David Shelton has been charged with criminal trespassing.

Sheriff Mike Hensley said this is because neither Shelton did anything to stop the brawl between the 13-year-olds in Flag Pond, Tennessee.

"Slugging it out up on the porch of the Flag Pond School. What's disturbing me is the parents of one of the girls was there egging it on," said Hensley.

Hensely said investigators believe Amanda Shelton is that parent.

District Attorney Tony Clark said the video, that a bystander posted to Facebook is disturbing.

 "In 20 years, I've never seen anything like this, and then to post it on Facebook where everybody can see it," said Clark.

"I got flooded with calls," said Hensley.  "My cell phone was lighting up. Concerned parents and folks throughout the county was calling us."

Hensley described the video, and said they discovered Amanda Stanton gave her daughter instructions during the altercation.

"Severe blows. At one point one of the female's head was slammed into the concrete building."

Hensely told News 5 his department does not believe these girls had a previous disagreement, but that Tuesday's brawl was set up to settle a dispute over a boy.

"I will not tolerate this what so ever. If you've got two kids fighting, that's one thing. If you've got parents or adults egging a fight on between children, they're going to be arrested," said Hensely.

"Children's services is definitely involved. They're going to be doing some visits," said Hensley. "They're going to see what kind of environment these children are in. If they're not in a suitable environment, they will be put in a suitable environment."

Attorney General Clark said the investigation is still underway, but he expected the UCSD to make more arrests.

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