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Update: Unicoi Co. Mayor and opponent speak about scuffle

UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. - We have new facts in the scuffle involving the Unicoi County Mayor and the man who plans to run against him in May.

We talked to Mayor Greg Lynch and opponent John Day on Thursday.

They told us a normal conversation in the mayor's office got heated and the next thing they knew they were being separated by Unicoi County Sheriff's Deputies and Erwin Police.

Lynch and Day were remorseful hours after the argument.

"So far we're trying to work things out," said Lynch.

"After you get upset and calm down the one thing that remains when the dust settles is you're still friends," said Day.

We spoke to Lynch at his office in the Unicoi County Courthouse, then we went to Day's home to get his side of the story.

Neither Lynch nor Day told us who started the ordeal.

Lynch said Day came to his office to talk and then insulted one of his employees. Day doesn't agree.  

"I asked a question," Day said. "I didn't imply it as an insult."

They both agree that Day was then asked to leave.

"It's a public building and I wasn't harassing or insulting anyone," Day told us, defending why he stood his ground.

A short time later, Unicoi County Sheriff's Deputies and Erwin Police broke them apart from each other.

"We were separated and he went one place and I went another," said Lynch.

Lynch told us he has a heart condition and that his heart was beating hard after the scuffle. He went to the hospital to get checked out.

Both men tell me they weren't severely hurt in the incident.

Erwin Police Chief Regan Tilson told us Lynch and Day agreed not to prosecute each other.

Lynch said he is going to have the district attorney review the situation.

"I mean just for my own benefit of where's the line and is there a line?," Lynch told us.

Lynch said he wants to know when it's okay, and if it is okay, for someone to refuse to leave a public office space.

Lynch and Day both told us their argument had nothing to do with politics.

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