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Senator Lamar Alexander comments on Iraq, immigration

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander met with the new head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin Monday.

While he was there, we got his opinion on several political issues.

Conflict in Iraq

Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Baghdad Monday to push for a political solution to the crisis in Iraq.

This as the militant group ISIS tightened their grip Sunday on western Iraq.

We asked Senator Alexander about the situation in the Middle East and the president's handling of the crisis. "I think the lesson to learn from what's happened in Iraq the last few weeks is not to let the same thing happen in Afghanistan," he said. "I think we see now that it's a mistake not to leave a sustaining force in a country where we've been involved in a war for 10 years."

As of Monday, the terror group ISIS is in control of all border crossings into Iraq from Syria.


Senator Alexander also had this to say on immigration issues -- "I've signed a letter with Senator Feinstein. It's for the president to make it clear to parents and officials in other countries south of the United States that we have rules about immigration, and that does not allow your children to be sent unexhorted across our borders. We'll have to send them home," he said.

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