Unicoi County

Morning storm causes damage in Erwin

Building blown down in Temple Hill community

Morning storm causes damage in Erwin

TEMPLE HILL, Tenn. - George Couch started his Friday like he starts every day. On his front porch with a cup of coffee.

 "It was interesting this morning. It got real dark, blew the roof off this place. Big excitement this morning," said Couch.  

A storm rolled through the southern end of Unicoi county around 8 A.M.,bringing rain and winds estimated around 45 miles per hour, leveling a sawmill that had been standing for the better part of a half century.

"I heard a big gust of wind coming and it just,that roof went all the way up to the pole. It was just terrible man," said Couch.

He watched the mill collapse in seconds and debris sail down Temple Hill Road.

"Tin all the way across to Mill Creek Road," said Couch.

The tin roof from the mill crashed into a power line, disrupting electricity to nearby homes. Friday's storm also caused problems in other parts of the county.

" We had some heavy rain. Thunder and lighting come through. Southern end of the county reported some heavy winds and some trees down, but nothing as significant as the building behind us collapsing," said Lieutenant Jimmy Erwin with the Unicoi County Sheriff's Department.

Lieutenant Erwin says the Sheriff's Department is seeing more and more destructive storms.

"Seems like as the weather changes, we start getting more and more odd things like this happening," said Erwin.

Couch is thankful the storm was not worse.

"God Bless man. We're all still here," said Couch.

The owner of the property plans to knock down the part of the building still standing and sell what he can for salvage.

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