Unicoi County

Local sheriff's department gets military vehicles

UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. - A local law enforcement agency has added some new military vehicles to its fleet.

The Unicoi County Sheriff's Department got two Humvees from the military last year, and in the last month they've acquired four more.

The vehicles came from Fort Bragg and Fort Campbell.

A spokesman said they come at no cost to the county -- the department simply applied to the program and got approved.

We're told the Humvees are perfect  for Unicoi County where the terrain can be very rough.

"We utilize it in the mountainous areas, search and rescue, foul weather, whether it be flooding, or snow, we utilize the vehicles more frequently than what you would think," said Craig Masters, administrative assistant to the sheriff.

Masters said they've gotten other helpful tools from the military as well.

He said Unicoi County is just one of several area law enforcement agencies that has acquired equipment from the military.

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