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Erwin bridge construction underway

ERWIN, Tenn. - A train crossing in Erwin, Tenn. has been holding up drivers for more than 25 years. The Tennessee Department of Transportation and town of Erwin are now building a bridge over the train tracks, in an effort to get the traffic moving.

We found out that since the construction started, the gradework at both entrances, on Main St. and 2nd St., has been completed. The bridge supports are also finished.

Town officials told us, despite that progress, the project has been at a stand still since November.

"There's some steel that they've had problems getting to the site and they knew that early on in the project so it's not a real big surprise," said Mark Lefever, the public works director. "We knew there was going to be some delay."

Lafever told us the construction should resume again by the third week of March. They are on track to finish the bridge by October, he said.

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