Unicoi County

Divided by a sale

UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. - It has been two months since the Unicoi County Hospital Board voted to merge with Mountain States Health Alliance, but the community is still divided between our area's two leading health care providers, Mountain States and Wellmont Health System.


Sue Jean Wilson is the county representative on the hospital board she said, "Jimmy Erwin and I voted against Mountain States because we didn't feel it was the right choice."


That choice has split the county including the county commission, which voted 4 to 4 with one abstention Monday night to deny the motion.


Now all that is left, is to wait.


The county wants the Attorney General to look into the sale.


Wilson said, "We will still have to wait several months on the Attorney General to deny or approve Mountain States request."


Many spoke up at the county commission meeting.


If the Attorney General approves the plan in place, the next step will be to agree on a contract with Mountain States. If the proposal is denied Wilson said Wellmont will be more than happy to move forward with their proposal.


For those who live in Unicoi County, the division remains.

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