Tweetsie Trail trailhead uncovered

JOHNSON CITY/ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. - The Tweetsie Trail that runs between Johnson City and Elizabethton has been officially unveiled to the public.

On Thursday the trailhead sign was uncovered for everyone to see and the first official walkers and riders got out on the trail.

Those who were involved in the project have high hopes that it will be a draw to people who might not even live in our region. "We know already that we have people coming in from other parts of the state to run the trail on Saturday morning for the official kickoff," says Johnson City mayor Ralph Van Brocklin. "We anticipate that is only a small indication of the true interest that's out there for people outside this area to come in and experience this trail."

Mayor Van Brocklin also reminds everyone to come down Saturday for the Tweetsie Trek race, which is the actual opening day for the public.

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