THP rolls out 185 Ford SUVs

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The Tennessee Highway Patrol is rolling out a whole new line of cruisers across the state.

It is a modified Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle.

We learned the THP has purchased 185 of the Ford SUVs to replace its fleet of the now-discontinued Ford Crown Victoria sedans.

The modified Explorer costs approximately $31,000 each.

We asked Tennessee State Trooper Lieutenant Tommy Boone how their new cruisers will help them better navigate on the Northeast Tennessee terrain. "Being in an all-wheel-drive vehicle will allow us to get where we need to go. Before in the Crown Victorias we couldn't get to [certain areas]. We can now respond to crashes, respond to different instances, even with snow and other kinds of weather," said Lt. Tommy Boone.

For the entire state there was an order for 105 of the SUVs in 2013. Another 80 have been ordered for 2014.

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