Tennessee ranks high on roads and bridges study

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A new study by the Reason Foundation finds Tennessee has improved its roads in all seven key areas studied, one of only 11 states to do so.

The foundation examined 20 years of highway data for the study.

The report measures road performance in several categories: miles of urban interstate highway in poor condition, miles of rural interstates in poor condition, congestion on urban interstates, deficient bridges, highway fatalities, rural primary roads in poor conditions and the number of narrow rural primary roads.
"This report is a testament to the focus TDOT has placed on maintaining our infrastructure, aggressively repairing and replacing aging bridges, increasing safety, and managing congestion" said TDOT commissioner John Schroer.
In addition to improving in all seven categories, Tennessee also went beyond the national average improvements in many cases, making it one of the most successful states in the U.S. in terms of highway infrastructure.

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