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SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Did you know local law enforcement will actually call, email or text you in case of an emergency? It's a program many localities utilize; Sullivan County just used its program on Friday.

During a manhunt Friday, Sullivan County authorities sent an automatic call to some residents in Blountville, warning them a suspect was on the run. "This is actually the first time that we've used our system," says Mark Holloman with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

Holloman says it's not just for manhunts; sometimes law enforcement will call or text to get the word out about an Amber Alert or a missing senior citizen. "It will call those numbers in that area and tell them your message," says Holloman.

Landline phones are already in the system, but you can also register your cell phone. That's something residents we talked to are interested in doing. New stepdad Chris Poulin says, "With my kids now living with me and my wife, I want to know more now than ever what's going on in my neighborhood."

Sullivan County resident Earl Hughes adds, "My wife is home by herself a lot of times, and a lot of times she'll sit with the door unlocked."

To sign up for this alert in Sullivan County click here:

It's not just for Sullivan County; many areas do similar programs. Check with your local law enforcement agency for more information.

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