Sullivan County

Vacant schools could get new use

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Some vacant schools in Sullivan County could soon be getting new life.

Sullivan County Director of Schools, Jubal Yennie, told us there are at least six schools no longer welcoming students, and the county could be getting a new use out of some of them.

Yennie said Valley Pike Elementary School and Cedar Grove Elementary School will be relinquished by the department of education and handed back to the county and at least one other could soon follow.   

Sullivan County Mayor Steve Godsey told us he'd like to see one school go toward county storage, but he's also heard interest in turning at least one into a community center.

"It's kind of challenging sometimes for these communities to find a place that they can have to meet, especially one that's got an indoor gymnasium and things like that, because that's very expensive to build," said Godsey.

Mayor Godsey said it could be a few months before any decision is made.

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