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Up for air: Record-breaking diver Jerry Hall resurfaces

Up for air: Record-breaking diver Jerry Hall resurfaces

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - It was a breath of fresh air -- after more than six days underwater, scuba diver Jerry Hall finally ended his world record dive on August 2.

We were there as the Gate City native resurfaced from the depths of South Holston Lake, and slowly began to readjust to life above water.       

For the third time in his life, Hall holds the world record for longest freshwater scuba dive. Now it will take more than 145 hours and 31 minutes to beat him.

Though his hands and feet are shriveled, Hall said he's feeling great.

The diver told us one of the hardest parts about this dive was the temperature. "I was really cold. I just told the guys, [and] they worked the problem out [and]  fixed it. They got me back to being semi-warm. I'm just now starting to warm up," Hall said shortly after he surfaced.

Hall said after being underwater for so long, he's looking forward to a hot shower and warm food.    

If you want to celebrate with Jerry Hall, he'll be on Lake View Dock Saturday night for a cookout and fundraiser for Speedway Children's Charities.

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