Sullivan County

Two charged with fake kidnapping plot

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Two men are facing extortion charges in Sullivan County after investigators say they made up a story about a kidnapping.

According to the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department, Jesse Robinson and Zachary Marshall, both 19 years old, confessed to making up a story about a kidnapping for ransom money.

Police tell us they believe the pair made up the story to get money from Robinson's family.

"Zachary Marshall was there on the other end saying Robinson had been kidnapped, when all along it was just a story that they came up with to try to get money from the family," explained public information officer Leslie Earhart.

Police say Robinson's family member recognized the voice on the call about the kidnapping and police were able to track both Robinson and Marshall to Kingsport, where they were arrested last night.

Zachary Marshall

Jesse Robinson

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