Sullivan County

TVA lake levels

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TENN. - Tucked into the shadow of the mountains, South Holston is one of the deepest and clearest lakes in the TVA region.

The lake was named for Steven Holston, an early explorer.

Construction of the dam was started in 1942 but not finished until
1950 because of World War II.

Spanning over  10,053 acres, the lake boasts over 160 miles of shoreline-----70 percent of  it surrounded by national forest.

Last week, TVA tva announced that South Holston lake levels would be down this summer, so hows that going to affect your memorial day?

I jumped on a jetski to find out.  Zipping around lake you instantly notice how clear the water looks.

Last weeks storm blew a lot of the lake debris into the coves.

Dale Thomas is the owner of Laurel Marina. "We're about 4 feet blow normal summer pool said Thomas. "But I would much rather be below normal than above normal summer pool, because you have some shoreline now."

Buoys are clearly visible and most of the trouble was well marked.
"If you are out there on your jet ski or even on a boat, water skiiing or whatever, you just need to be careful said Thomas. "We have such a glassy surface on the lake, but make sure the lake is clear and free of debris."

According to the latest TVA information, Boone and Watauga are near normal levels.  South Holston is only two feet below normal, but Cherokee is 15 feet below normal.

Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest for area lakes. Remember to follow all safety
guidelines and if you are on the water wear a life jacket.

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