Sullivan County

Turnout strong at new early voting sites

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Sullivan County has added two more locations for folks to cast their ballots in the upcoming primary elections.

As of Thursday morning, the National Guard Armory in Bristol, as well as the Civic Center in Kingsport, have been opened up for people to take part in early voting.

We're told anyone registered in Sullivan County can vote at any of the locations that are open during the early voting period.

Sullivan County election commissioner Jason Booher says turnout at the Blountville location has already been higher than expected. "Through our first six days of early voting, we have seen 1,800, almost 2,000 people cast a ballot," he said Thursday. "[There were] over 800 prior to a similar time frame in 2010, so we're seeing a definite increase."

Booher says during early voting they stagger the opening of the locations to try to save money.

The last day for early voting will be May 1.

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