Sullivan County

Teens will not be prosecuted in street racing crash

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Two teens who were charged in what police are calling a street race will not be prosecuted.

It happened in February 2012 on Highway 394.

That's where Tennessee Highway Patrol says the two 17-year-old boys were street racing when one of them crashed into a pick-up truck head on.

A 62-year-old man, Ellis Hicks, was injured in the crash.

Prosecutors attempted to transfer the case to adult court, but the judge denied that motion at the transfer hearing.

"From the time they turned 18 to 19, there was an investigation and court hearing," said Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus. "Once the court hearing, the determination was made they could not be transferred, we had no jurisdiction to do anything further."

Because of their current age, Staubus said the teenagers could not be tried in juvenile court.

The district attorney's office is assisting in a civil case involving Hicks and the teenagers.

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